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12 July 2009 @ 04:00 am
Never thought this would happen to me...  

Guess who got arrested yesterday!



Okay, first of all, my dad was drinking from the moment he woke up. So, he was drunk by noon. Then, he gets pissed at me because I wouldn't take him to the store so he could buy MORE booze and he tried to cover up his intentions saying he was only going to get change. My brother offered to give him the change himself but my dad stubbornly refused saying that he NEEDED to get change at the STORE.


He started arguing with us and to avoid any more trouble out of him, I just took him to the store. When we get there, he gets off and walks in, not realizing he forgot his wallet in the truck. My brother grabbed it, and to prove a point, checked what he had in it. He had way more money in there than he claimed and plenty of change. My brother puts it back before my dad comes back to get his wallet. He buys his booze, gets back in the truck and we drive off.

As we're driving home, my brother tells him what he did. My dad got PISSED. They started arguing with eachother, there was yelling and everything even after we got home. My brother got so angry that he grabbed my dad's booze and threw it all down the stairs outside, and then we went into our room. My dad stood there in the kitchen for a bit breathing really hard. Then he said to himself, "I know what I'm gonna do," and stormed into his own room.

At this point I'm like, oh fuck he's gonna try something and I'm wondering why he went into his room. Does he have a weapon in there? Did he go in there to get it?

Shortly after, he comes out of his room, marches down to our room and throws open the door. My brother is sitting at the computer desk and I see my dad violently shove my brother while he's in the chair. Then I see him, it was almost like in slow-motion, pull back his fist and I knew he was gonna punch my brother or atleast try to.

That's when I rush in, pull him away, and shove him back out into the hallway. Of course, he wasn't gonna let himself be pushed around by me, he shoved back. I yell to my brother to call the cops. My dad's biiiiiiig dude and he's strong. I don't even know how I managed to stand my ground against him. Anyway, in a fit of blind rage, I actually managed to hit him. A trickle of blood ran down his face. I felt quite proud of myself.

We stopped fighting but the arguing is back on. He tries to put the blame on us, saying things like, "How can you be like that?", "You should've never touched my stuff."

Oh, we touch his stuff and so it's alright for him to attack us?

He knows the cops are coming so he tries to make for the door but we keep him from leaving. Then, the cops arrive, we explain what happened, explain my dad's past history, everything.

Stupid fucking asshole of a cop, says whatever he's done in the past has nothing to do with what's happening now.

What the fuck.

We've been suffering from domestic violence for as long as I can remember. He has pointed a gun at my mom's head, threatened her with a knife at her throat, attacked her, tried to choke her, and recently, threatened to kill her. And those are just the major ones I can remember.

We've got several police reports on him and none of it mattered, just what was happening now.

The asshole cop goes inside to talk to my dad while his partner stays outside.

Asshole!cop comes back out and asks us what do we want them to do. I tell him to do whatever he can do. Then he looks at me and with this attitude he tells me, "Well, it looks like YOU'RE the one who's gonna be going to jail."


Because apparently I hit him and caused bodily injury which makes ME the AGGRESSOR.

I try to explain to him that it was in defense of myself and my brother. Nope, it didn't matter.

Soon, my mom and my aunt arrived from their day out. My aunt had come to visit us from Mexico and my mom had taken her sightseeing.

We explained what was going on and my mom freaked the fuck out. The cops tried to get her to calm down, we tried to calm her down, she was still freaking out. Before I even knew it, asshole!cop snuck behind me and snapped the cuffs on without warning. My poor mom was bawling and now I was freaking out too.

As asshole!cop dragged me to the car I demanded to know why I was being taken. What's going on? Is my dad pressing charges? If so, what charges?

He told me I was going to jail not because my dad was pressing charges but because the state is picking up those charges and by law he has to arrest me.

I got in the car and from there I can hear my mom screaming and crying and it made me cry too. I was more worried about her than myself. She's worries alot and if it stresses her out too much she can have a heart attack or some other horrible thing can happen to her.

But I was freaking out too though. For some reason I thought they were taking me to county. I was like oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck. But then I calmed down and started thinking more clearly.

They couldn't take me to county. First they had to take me to one of those detention centers. Even after that I shouldn't go to county anyway because this is my first offense, it's a misdemeanor not a crime, and there's no charges against me except the state's. So I felt better.

But the whole fucking ride over there asshole!cop decided he needed to lecture me. I wasn't really listening to him, some bullshit about how I was wrong to hit my dad, how he's done so much for me and that I should appreciate it, and some other bullcrap. Motherfucker only heard half the story and even half of that isn't true. Son of a bitch trying to tell me how to live my life. Then when I wouldn't respond to him he has the nerve to ask me, "What's wrong? Why ain't you talking?"


When we got to the Magistrate's Office & Detention Center he parked the car at the back entrance and he pulled out his radio and called his sargeant.

"Hey, Sarg. I have a blahblahblah here it's a blahblahblah I brought him over to the Magistrate's but I'm not sure if I wanna bring him in."

"Why? What are the charges?"

"Well, see there aren't any blahblahblah charges."

"...then WHY did you arrest him?"

At that point he steps out of the car so I can't hear the conversation. I had a little spark of hope, maybe the sargeant would tell him he was being A STUPID LITTLE CUNT and that he should let me go.

After about ten minutes later he came back to the car and let me out. My hopes were shattered when he told me to go inside the building.

Inside, he took the cuffs off and I was relieved at that cuz that shit hurts after a while. They took down my info, confiscated all my things, took my mug shot, and then put me in a cell with a whole bunch of other guys.

Now, the whole experience wasn't exactly horrible. It's not like I was in there with a bunch of hardcore criminals that were waiting to beat or rape the next person they tossed in there. Most of the guys in there were there for tickets, shoplifting, criminal mischief, shit like that.

Most of them were pretty cool and chill. We told stories, told about why we were there, cracked jokes. It was pretty alright.

It was fucking COLD in there though. And every step of the process to getting you outta there took HOURS. And whenever the took you out you had to be in cuffs.

Anyway, I went in maybe almost 4 PM and didn't get out til close to midnight even though my bail was paid way earlier. My poor mom cried when she finally saw me and hugged me tightly.

As soon as I got out, they told me I had to go see my bondsman. He explained EVERYTHING to me, how it worked, what I should try to do and say, everything.

So now I just have to call my appointed lawyer and see how she can help me get dismissed from my charges when I have to appear in court about a month from now.
Chris: Kyo Teefx_chrizzl3_x on July 12th, 2009 09:13 pm (UTC)

Now I can understand even more why my girlfriend hates cops so much. :\ I think sometimes they arrest people just to make themselves look good. Some of them are good, some are bad.

I don't even understand why you got arrested. :\ It doesn't make a lick of sense. Oh the world we live in. -sigh-

I hope things work out for you, man.
Genghis21stcherry_boy on July 12th, 2009 10:56 pm (UTC)
LOL my bondsman told me, "One would think that an officer is there to protect and serve. FUCK NO. They're just trying to make mo' money for da government." And to think our tax money pays their salary D:

Thanks, yo.
Chris: Lil emo boy Kyox_chrizzl3_x on July 13th, 2009 02:04 am (UTC)
That's basically what 95% of them are here for. :\ My poor baby nearly got taken away from her mom because they thought she was going to kill herself, and her mom got fined for 'drunk driving' even though she hadn't drunk anything that night. I'm starting to question the officers of our nation. They have no sense of justice. My god, almost makes me want to not pay taxes when I'm older. But then I'd get taken away, ah? Oh the irony.

No problem, man. C: You'll pull through this. <3
protagonist: Misc. - Anthonykenzicock on July 12th, 2009 10:41 pm (UTC)
Oh my god, that's horrible. I don't understand why the cop still took you off, especially if its a matter of self defense. I'm sorry your jackass dad pulled all these stunts on you, but i'm freaking glad you're ok now DDD:
Genghis21stcherry_boy on July 12th, 2009 11:03 pm (UTC)
It's over, for now. Thanks, man.
happysoy: D asagi simplehappysoy on July 25th, 2009 04:55 am (UTC)
WOW...I'm sorry you had to sit through that shit. *gives comfort cookies* I can't believe they arrested you instead of your dad for all the ruckus he made. I hope it doesn't happen again. Next time you call the cops, there better be one with a brain.
☯《ĄĻŞ》☯: Mai - KRAtsubasa_nine on August 2nd, 2009 12:46 am (UTC)
That sucks soo bad. WTF! T____T;; Poor poor you. I know this happened weeks ago but still, sorry to hear this.
Genghis21stcherry_boy on August 2nd, 2009 11:18 pm (UTC)
thanks bb <333
wildmetal_chickwildmetal_chick on August 21st, 2009 04:49 pm (UTC)
Another reason to add to my list of why I hate cops so much. And yea...Cops do that ALL the time....I hate cops LOL.

I hope you and everyone else is fine. God cops are stupid!!!